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Crystal Campbell is a take charge business woman, educator, life coach, and counselor with a heart for people who balance ministry, career, and family.  Crystal is known for being a no-nonsense person that tells you like it is.  She is a serious person that keeps it real, and has a transparent approach to help people.  Crystal believes that the truth will set you free; although it hurts at the time of disclosure. The blessing of this is that ultimately, the human ability to forgive, heals all.    


Crystal has an extensive amount of formal education of which she is still pursing in order to better help people using the newest research methods along with her innate ability to comfort and encourage people with her words.  Crystal earned a Bachelor’s Degree of Business Administration in Marketing and her Masters of Arts Degree in Counseling.  She holds several certifications: two teaching certifications, a school counselor’s certification, and a life coach certification.  Also in 2016, Crystal will become a licensed professional counselor intern (LPC-I), as she has already mastered the National Counseling Examination.


Crystal has been an educator for eight years, working and mentoring children with special needs that stem from the severely emotionally disturbed to autism, along with their parents.  Throughout her years as an educator, Crystal has been able to bridge the gap between Christianity, the world, and education by mentoring and helping adults and children find the beauty in all things, especially themselves.  


Being very active in ministry, holding positions in her father’s church, as well as, her formal education, helps her deal with and understand both adults and children. This includes those with maladaptive behaviors, adaptive behavior, and relationships issues. She is able to use multiple counseling techniques to help her clients, mentees, as well as, strangers on the street.

With a heart for people and a passion to push all people to love themselves and pursue their dreams, she believes her duty is simply to serve humanity.

Who Is Crystal Campbell? 

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